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The material selection of Suyuan Furniture is not only strict but also the same outside and inside. And each piece of the furniture presents modern and ingenious craftsmanship. The round corners and lines of each piece of the furniture reflect its comfort, affinity, and people’s inner needs of serenity and freedom. The design of Suyuan Furniture even brings it with goodwill and care into people’s daily life. Besides, the texture similar to skin makes people get a perfect experience of unity and access to nature and ancient philosophy of life.



Suyuan Furniture is designed by award-winning designers who have German Red Point Design Award and German IF International Design Award. It emphasizes simplicity, naturalness and closeness to life. Namely, the aesthetic exploration of Suyuan Furniture highlights the inner spirit of Chinese culture, rather than an external style.


Tenon and Mortise


Coating Material

The timber of Suyuan Furniture includes imported wood, furniture backboard, drawer board and other high-quality wood of the same grade as the main surface which have received the FSC certification.

It is adopted pure tenon and mortise structure, which is strengthened by gluing, without a nail.

The natural details emphasize the sense of handcraft. It is mainly based on deep processing of traditional handicraft and supplemented by machine cutting processing. 

The coating of furniture is made of OSMO wax oil imported from Germany. The wax oil being extracted from plant is environmentally friendly and clean, not containing harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene and heavy metals. It also keeps the original color of wood.


Suyuan and Artists

Suyuan will cooperate with young artists who are active in the field of contemporary culture and who have avant-garde and open thinking, through the independent project of “Suyuan and Artists”, to inject the contemporary art and its culture into the furniture and design of Suyuan, unfold the vision of avant-garde culture in the scene of life and experience the power of contemporary culture in daily life which is profound and unexpected.​

design service

Design Service

The core members of the Suyuan Design Team have 20 years of industrial design experience and many awards such as the German Red Dot, IF Design Award and the National Important Design Award. Before making Suyuan Furniture, we mainly did the design and development of consumer electronics products. However, some short life cycle electronics products are in conflict with our ideas that we hope to spend a lot of energy and effort to create a product that cannot quickly become waste. So Suyuan would choose 1to 2 high-quality projects every year for innovative product design and development, providing customers with professional design research, industrial design and brand strategy services. Based on in-depth insight into demand, Suyuan discovers opportunities to form innovative product concepts and competitive product appearance.


about suyuan

Suyuan, founded in Beijing, China in 2011, has two chief designers who are the winners of German Red Dot Design Award, German IF International Design Award and many domestic design awards and who have nearly 20 years of industrial design experience. Suyuan is an independent furniture brand that advocates nature and eternity, using design to express the aesthetic exploration of the inherent spirit of Chinese culture.



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We welcome interior designers from all over the world

for cooperative projects and invite agencies interested in this brand

to negotiate cooperation matters.


Tel: +86 (10) 64331201

319A, Chaochangdi, Chaoyang Director, Beijing, CHINA 

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