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Suyuan and Artists

Suyuan will cooperate with young artists who are active in the field of contemporary culture and who have avant-garde and open thinking, through the independent project of “Suyuan and Artists”, to inject the contemporary art and its culture into the furniture and design of Suyuan, unfold the vision of avant-garde culture in the scene of life and experience the power of contemporary culture in daily life which is profound and unexpected.​

Ending at the


The title of this exhibition summarizes how I feel when I am working as an artisan does. When working in this way my perception of the external world seems to get dissolved away by the repeated labor of my fingers. Perhaps that's why a craftsman is able to confront an object with the whole of his mind and body.


Are human beings the product of Darwinian evolution or

divine creation ?

As individual humans we are so saddened by this question.