Suyuan and Artists

Suyuan will cooperate with young artists who are active in the field of contemporary culture and who have avant-garde and open thinking, through the independent project of “Suyuan and Artists”, to inject the contemporary art and its culture into the furniture and design of Suyuan, unfold the vision of avant-garde culture in the scene of life and experience the power of contemporary culture in daily life which is profound and unexpected.​

Ending at the


The title of this exhibition summarizes how I feel when I am working as an artisan does. When working in this way my perception of the external world seems to get dissolved away by the repeated labor of my fingers. Perhaps that's why a craftsman is able to confront an object with the whole of his mind and body.


Are human beings the product of Darwinian evolution or

divine creation ?

As individual humans we are so saddened by this question.

Corresponding to the exteriority with spontaneity

While approaching to the natural existence, Duxi poses himself as a passive container, humbly accepting the revelation of the Great Way.The différance of human nature diversifies our observations of the natural objects, hence the myriads of images of the exterior world are derived. When submitting your body to the embedded nature, instead of acquired knowledge or self-consciousness, the body would naturally become a bright mirror reflecting the world as it is – paintings then spontaneously manifest.“Sometimes people need too many motivations and reasons for artistic creation”, he said, “so that the impetus becomes more important than painting itself.” Following the springing pleasure while facing the natural objects, Duxi is able to continue creating works for a lifetime.

After such motivations are taken into actions, these works now present an integrated Duxi. Before that, he only corresponded to the exterior world with pure spontaneity.

Evanescence and permeation

Evanescence and permeation – originally used to describe the motion of light outside of visual focus during the photographic process – now become the entry points of experiencing Xiao Xiao’s gaze, extremely calm and solidified.


Xiao Xiao used his camera exfoliating and extracting   the  exterior objects,  not only in terms of physical purification, but more importantly, in terms of spiritual distillation and mental concentration – it is the process of infinitely approaching to both external objects and internal self..The final destination is not within these photographs, but of the worlds beyond images. Penetrating into these objects, the lights diffuse and permeate into the deep  consciousness  –  it is the genuine spirit of Xiao Xiao’s  work.

凹  凸

"凹凸", the two Chinese characters present the space and volume of the world when we lose sight of their pronunciation after gazing at them for a long time. Also, the mysterious energy comes from the shape of “凹凸” and the ray of light penetrating through the shape seems to be a feeling of immense weight. In other words, when we look at the “凹凸” shape, the definition of the virtuality and the reality can be explained with different ideas, the visual perception on the material object can touch the soul of the string and the power of imagination, emotion and judgement can be produced spontaneously. Concrete iron, cement, metal wire like hair and virtual light compose an identifiable entirety among space, time and matter. After visiting this exhibition, when the pronunciation of “凹凸” is recalled, does the shape emerge in our brains?