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Headphones for G-XI

Suyuan designed headphones, bracelets and speakers for G-XI who has advanced technology and manufacturing capabilities in the field of acoustics, creating a new Chinese brand driven by design and combined with technological innovation.


The Suyuan Design Team, through the understanding of Chinese culture, get a sense from nature to show the non-symbolic Oriental wisdom and the unique Oriental aesthetic by reflecting the abstract significance from products. 

"2050" for Lumenis

Also, as the largest optical and medical laser company in the world, Lumenis has an indisputable competitive advantage in the medical laser industry. In order to enhance the image of Lumenis ophthalmic laser products, the Suyuan Design Team aim at the establishment of a new brand product image and the leading position of products in the market by design according to the development of ophthalmic series products.



The Suyuan Design Team made a detailed analysis of customer requirements through the investigation of hospital managers, medical teams and patients and promoted the products to be defined and positioned accurately after a thorough study of the design trend of medical devices. Guiding by the research results, they have completed the design work in different directions.


Finally, this design was named “2050”, which represents the future. “2050” is more close to people because it was combined with the most advanced laser technology, expanding digital applications like human-computer interaction and improving the modular usability universally.

Robot for SR

This lovely robot, designed by the Suyuan Design Team, won the Top Ten Most Valuable Awards in the field of robotics at the SR SUMMIT 2018. Before this award, HEXA has won many awards at home and abroad, such as the IF International Design Award in February 2017.

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