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A Cup of Tea Time

As long as you sit down, drinking a cup of tea, a cup of good tea, you will feel your body disappearing and you will feel like you’re at home. This home is not the concrete home that you live in every day. It is a place without time and space, comfortable, joyful and boundless. This is the real home.


Suyuan would hold a tea party called “A Pot of Tea & A Song” in each season. At least four different kinds of tea are tasted each time. Musicians’ music shuttles with the tea gas. When tasting tea, we relax ourselves entirely. Those who come to drink tea can only face the tea itself, drink it and have nothing else to do. Although at first we cannot be accustomed to participating in such a quiet activity, soon we get into a good situation and merge into it.

The importance of tea lies not only in its pleasant place of origin, the preciousness of tea trees, the glycol of its taste and the delicacy and ingenuity of its production. More importantly, it gives people a kind of moderate morality and humble wisdom and lets people reflect on the most appropriate way of getting along with nature.

If you relax yourself entirely, you will be able to penetrate the subtlety of all things. Understanding this, you will be able to calm down and naturally will take the initiative to follow the order of heaven and earth.



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